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Donaldson P-Series Heavy Duty Air Filters

Donaldson P-Series Heavy Duty Air Filters
Donaldson P-Series Heavy Duty Air Filters
Product Details
Offer premium filtration at a competitive price. Full synthetic or synthetic blend media for high efficiency. Specially formulated fibers designed to trap contaminants such as dust, dirt and soot before they reach the engine.
Product Description
Donaldson Filters
Donaldson Filters
AMSOIL is now introducing the P-Series of Donaldson filters to complement the Endurance line. The expanded offering of filtration products features many applications that differ from, and several that coincide with the Endurance line. Donaldson P-Series filters offer premium filtration at a competitive price. AMSOIL now stocks all of Donaldson's most popular filter applications.

Donaldson P-Series Air Filters
Donaldson air filter media is made up of specially formulated fibers designed to trap contaminants such as dust, dirt and soot before they reach the engine. The media is pleated to maximize the filter surface area and placed between rigid liners to provide stability and. support. A high quality filter seal is applied or built-in to the open end of the filter to prevent dirty air from bypassing the filter. Donaldson has developed an extensive range of air filter media to provide the best engine protection no matter what the operating conditions. For example, using the same particle size contaminant, for every eight grams of dirt passed through a Luber-finer filter, the Donaldson filter passed only two grams.
Product Size
Code Part Number Unit of Measure Product
B085011-EA B085011 Each B085011 Air Filter
P102745-EA P102745 Each P102745 Air Filter
P116446-EA P116446 Each P116446 Air Filter
P119370-EA P119370 Each P119370 Air Filter
P119539-EA P119539 Each P119539 Air Filter
P123160-EA P123160 Each P123160 Air Filter
P124837-EA P124837 Each P124837 Air Filter
P124866-EA P124866 Each P124866 Air Filter
P124867-EA P124867 Each P124867 Air Filter
P127075-EA P127075 Each P127075 Air Filter
P129472-EA P129472 Each P129472 Air Filter
P130760-EA P130760 Each P130760 Air Filter
P130763-EA P130763 Each P130763 Air Filter
P131394-EA P131394 Each P131394 Air Filter
P133765-EA P133765 Each P133765 Air Filter
P136255-EA P136255 Each P136255 Air Filter
P141278-EA P141278 Each P141278 Air Filter
P141319-EA P141319 Each P141319 Air Filter
P142803-EA P142803 Each P142803 Air Filter
P148113-EA P148113 Each P148113 Air Filter
P153551-EA P153551 Each P153551 Air Filter
P158050-EA P158050 Each P158050 Air Filter
P158670-EA P158670 Each P158670 Air Filter
P181000-EA P181000 Each P181000 Air Filter
P181001-EA P181001 Each P181001 Air Filter
P181007-EA P181007 Each P181007 Air Filter
P181008-EA P181008 Each P181008 Air Filter
P181014-EA P181014 Each P181014 Air Filter
P181016-EA P181016 Each P181016 Air Filter
P181028-EA P181028 Each P181028 Air Filter
P181037-EA P181037 Each P181037 Air Filter
P181046-EA P181046 Each P181046 Air Filter
P181049-EA P181049 Each P181049 Air Filter
P181050-EA P181050 Each P181050 Air Filter
P181052-EA P181052 Each P181052 Air Filter
P181054-EA P181054 Each P181054 Air Filter
P181055-EA P181055 Each P181055 Air Filter
P181056-EA P181056 Each P181056 Air Filter
P181057-EA P181057 Each P181057 Air Filter
P181062-EA P181062 Each P181062 Air Filter
P181063-EA P181063 Each P181063 Air Filter
P181070-EA P181070 Each P181070 Air Filter
P181072-EA P181072 Each P181072 Air Filter
P181076-EA P181076 Each P181076 Air Filter
P181096-EA P181096 Each P181096 Air Filter
P181099-EA P181099 Each P181099 Air Filter
P181104-EA P181104 Each P181104 Air Filter
P181105-EA P181105 Each P181105 Air Filter
P181118-EA P181118 Each P181118 Air Filter
P181186-EA P181186 Each P181186 Air Filter
P181204-EA P181204 Each P181204 Air Filter
P181208-EA P181208 Each P181208 Air Filter
P182050-EA P182050 Each P182050 Air Filter
P182052-EA P182052 Each P182052 Air Filter
P182054-EA P182054 Each P182054 Air Filter
P520925-EA P520925 Each P520925 Air Filter
P524360-EA P524360 Each P524360 Air Filter
P524392-EA P524392 Each P524392 Air Filter
P526500-EA P526500 Each P526500 Air Filter
P526505-EA P526505 Each P526505 Air Filter
P527484-EA P527484 Each P527484 Air Filter
P527595-EA P527595 Each P527595 Air Filter
P527680-EA P527680 Each P527680 Air Filter
P527682-EA P527682 Each P527682 Air Filter
P527683-EA P527683 Each P527683 Air Filter
P528206-EA P528206 Each P528206 Air Filter
P528216-EA P528216 Each P528216 Air Filter
P528231-EA P528231 Each P528231 Air Filter
P530639-EA P530639 Each P530639 Air Filter
P530643-EA P530643 Each P530643 Air Filter
P532473-EA P532473 Each P532473 Air Filter
P532474-EA P532474 Each P532474 Air Filter
P532499-EA P532499 Each P532499 Air Filter
P532500-EA P532500 Each P532500 Air Filter
P532501-EA P532501 Each P532501 Air Filter
P532502-EA P532502 Each P532502 Air Filter
P532503-EA P532503 Each P532503 Air Filter
P532504-EA P532504 Each P532504 Air Filter
P532505-EA P532505 Each P532505 Air Filter
P532506-EA P532506 Each P532506 Air Filter
P532966-EA P532966 Each P532966 Air Filter
P533230-EA P533230 Each P533230 Air Filter
P533654-EA P533654 Each P533654 Air Filter
P533930-EA P533930 Each P533930 Air Filter
P534096-EA P534096 Each P534096 Air Filter
P534105-EA P534105 Each P534105 Air Filter
P534816-EA P534816 Each P534816 Air Filter
P534925-EA P534925 Each P534925 Air Filter
P535365-EA P535365 Each P535365 Air Filter
P535396-EA P535396 Each P535396 Air Filter
P536434-EA P536434 Each P536434 Air Filter
P536457-EA P536457 Each P536457 Air Filter
P536492-EA P536492 Each P536492 Air Filter
P536577-EA P536577 Each P536577 Air Filter
P536733-EA P536733 Each P536733 Air Filter
P537448-EA P537448 Each P537448 Air Filter
P539468-EA P539468 Each P539468 Air Filter
P540388-EA P540388 Each P540388 Air Filter
P543614-EA P543614 Each P543614 Air Filter
P546597-EA P546597 Each P546597 Air Filter
P546641-EA P546641 Each P546641 Air Filter
P547331-EA P547331 Each P547331 Air Filter
P548963-EA P548963 Each P548963 Air Filter
P564424-EA P564424 Each P564424 Air Filter
P564425-EA P564425 Each P564425 Air Filter
P600501-EA P600501 Each P600501 Air Filter
P602657-EA P602657 Each P602657 Air Filter
P604457-EA P604457 Each P604457 Air Filter
P606071-EA P606071 Each P606071 Air Filter
P606087-EA P606087 Each P606087 Air Filter
P606090-EA P606090 Each P606090 Air Filter
P606503-EA P606503 Each P606503 Air Filter
P606720-EA P606720 Each P606720 Air Filter
P606953-EA P606953 Each P606953 Air Filter
P607255-EA P607255 Each P607255 Air Filter
P607345-EA P607345 Each P607345 Air Filter
P607673-EA P607673 Each P607273 Air Filter
P610905-EA P610905 Each P610905 Air Filter
P611856-EA P611856 Each P611856 Air Filter
P611859-EA P611859 Each P611859 Air Filter
P613334-EA P613334 Each P613334 Air Filter
P613522-EA P613522 Each P613522 Air Filter
P614221-EA P614221 Each P614221 Air Filter
P614547-EA P614547 Each P614547 Air Filter
P614563-EA P614563 Each P614563 Air Filter
P614876-EA P614876 Each P614876 Air Filter
P616056-EA P616056 Each P616056 Air Filter
P616743-EA P616743 Each P616743 Air Filter
P616850-EA P616850 Each P616850 Air Filter
P619182-EA P619182 Each P619182 Air Filter
P621023-EA P621023 Each P621023 Air Filter
P622149-EA P622149 Each P622149 Air Filter
P636773-EA P636773 Each P636773 Air Filter
P771508-EA P771508 Each P771508 Air Filter
P772579-EA P772579 Each P772579 Air Filter
P776159-EA P776159 Each P776159 Air Filter
P776696-EA P776696 Each P776696 Air Filter
P777639-EA P777639 Each P777639 Air Filter
P778972-EA P778972 Each P778972 Air Filter
P778994-EA P778994 Each P778994 Air Filter
P780012-EA P780012 Each P780012 Air Filter
P780036-EA P780036 Each P780036 Air Filter
P780522-EA P780522 Each P780522 Air Filter
P780523-EA P780523 Each P780523 Air Filter
P781039-EA P781039 Each P781039 Air Filter
P782104-EA P782104 Each P782104 Air Filter
P782105-EA P782105 Each P782105 Air Filter
P782106-EA P782106 Each P782106 Air Filter
P782108-EA P782108 Each P782108 Air Filter
P814723-EA P814723 Each P814723 Air Filter
P821575-EA P821575 Each P821575 Air Filter
P822686-EA P822686 Each P822686 Air Filter
P822768-EA P822768 Each P822768 Air Filter
P822769-EA P822769 Each P822769 Air Filter
P822858-EA P822858 Each P822858 Air Filter
P827653-EA P827653 Each P827653 Air Filter
P828889-EA P828889 Each P828889 Air Filter
P829332-EA P829332 Each P829332 Air Filter
P829333-EA P829333 Each P829333 Air Filter
P953571-EA P953571 Each P953571 Air Filter
Technical Information
No technical information
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