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AMSOIL Ea Heavy Duty Oil Filters
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WIX Oil Filters

WIX Oil Filters
WIX Oil Filters
Product Details
Made with a full metal base plate for superior strength at the double seal & also feature a silicone anti-drainback valve. Glass-enhanced media in WIX oil filters offers greater efficiency, capturing more 10 to 12 micron sized particles than other cellulose/synthetic blend medias.  
Product Description
WIX Filters
Superior Construction
WIX oil filters have a full metal base plate for superior strength at the double seal. They also feature a silicone anti-drainback valve that stays flexible in extreme temperatures. This improves oil flow and keeps oil in the filter to prevent dry starts.

WIX oil filters use an up-front by-pass valve. This design is superior to top-mounted valves because it helps to keep oil from washing past dirty media and entering the engine. The glass-enhanced media in WIX oil filters offers greater efficiency, capturing more 10 to 12 micron sized particles than other cellulose/synthetic blend medias. They also have a coil steel spring to ensure internal filter parts are sealed properly.

WIX panel element air filters have a linear path through the filter for low airflow restriction, a specially formulated adhesive to form WIX’s exclusive pocket pleat for the filter media and a soft sealing urethane gasket molded in place on the filter element.

Radial air filters are constructed of mesh screen on the inside wall diameter for element strength and media protection from backfire. Each round filter is manufactured with heat-resistant plastisol with specially designed crush seals on the top and bottom walls and adhesive seal joining the media ends. Additional Filtration Products AMSOIL offers WIX filtration products for auto/light truck and racing applications. This includes not only standard air and oil filters, but fuel, transmission, cabin air and filters specially designed for racing as well.

Additional Information
WIX filters are supplemental to AMSOIL Ea filters, but AMSOIL offers WIX filtration products that cross to an Ea filter. With the exception of WIX lube filters, all WIX filters should be changed in accordance with original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) recommendations. WIX lube filter change intervals are extended OEM recommendations to match the drain intervals of AMSOIL XL Motor oil

WIX Racing Filters
AMSOIL is carrying WIX racing filters in addition to filters for more common automotive and light truck applications. WIX has been a part of racing and NASCAR for many years, both as a sponsor and in the race cars. The company’s long-standing relationship with NASCAR not only demonstrates that WIX filters are high-quality products, but it also shows WIX’s dedication to racing, making it a perfect match for AMSOIL.

WIX racing filters are specially designed for racing applications and are not intended for normal driving applications. AMSOIL will carry all WIX racing filters, which includes 10 oil, 14 air and 2 fuel filters.

A History of Excellence
WIX is well-known around the world for its innovative filtration products for the automotive and light truck market. Founded in 1939, the Gastonia, N.C., company earned acclaim during World War II when it created an oil filter out of a paper tube, wooden plugs and yarn when steel was in short supply. In 1954 WIX created the revolutionary spin-on oil filter that was eventually adopted as original equipment on most vehicles.

Today WIX manufactures some of the best oil, air, lube, cabin air, hydraulic, fuel, crank case breather and transmission filtration products on the market. The company is also widely known for its support of NASCAR.
Product Size
Code Part Number Unit of Measure Product
24931-EA 24931 Each WIX 24931 Oil Filter
24933-EA 24933 Each WIX 24933 Oil Filter
24934-EA 24934 Each WIX 24934 Oil Filter
24935-EA 24935 Each WIX 24935 Oil Filter
24938-EA 24938 Each WIX 24938 Oil Filter
24940-EA 24940 Each WIX 24940 Oil Filter
24941-EA 24941 Each WIX 24941 Oil Filter
24942-EA 24942 Each WIX 24942 Oil Filter
24944-EA 24944 Each WIX 24944 Oil Filter
24945-EA 24945 Each WIX 24945 Oil Filter
24949-EA 24949 Each WIX 24949 Oil Filter
24950-EA 24950 Each WIX 24950 Oil Filter
24951-EA 24951 Each WIX 24951 Oil Filter
24994-EA 24994 Each WIX 24994 Oil Filter
51032-EA 51032 Each WIX 51032 Oil Filter
51036-EA 51036 Each WIX 51036 Oil Filter
51040-EA 51040 Each WIX 51040 Oil Filter
51042-EA 51042 Each WIX 51042 Oil Filter
51045-EA 51045 Each WIX 51045 Oil Filter
51049-EA 51049 Each WIX 51049 Oil Filter
51056-EA 51056 Each WIX 51056 Oil Filter
51060-EA 51060 Each WIX 51060 Oil Filter
51060R-EA 51060R Each WIX 51060R Racing Oil Filter
51061-EA 51061 Each WIX 51061 Oil Filter
51061R-EA 51061R Each WIX 51061R Racing Oil Filter
51064-EA 51064 Each WIX 51064 Oil Filter
51068-EA 51068 Each WIX 51068 Oil Filter
51069-EA 51069 Each WIX 51069 Oil Filter
51069R-EA 51069R Each WIX 51069R Racing Oil Filter
51085-EA 51085 Each WIX 51085 Oil Filter
51143-EA 51143 Each WIX 51143 Oil Filter
51189-EA 51189 Each WIX 51189 Oil Filter
51214-EA 51214 Each WIX 51214 Oil Filter
51215-EA 51215 Each WIX 51215 Oil Filter
51222R-EA 51222R Each WIX 51222R Racing Oil Filter
51225-EA 51225 Each WIX 51225 Oil Filter
51226-EA 51226 Each WIX 51226 Oil Filter
51228-EA 51228 Each WIX 51228 Oil Filter
51258-EA 51258 Each WIX 51258 Oil Filter
51289-EA 51289 Each WIX 51289 Oil Filter
51315-EA 51315 Each WIX 51315 Oil Filter
51324-EA 51324 Each WIX 51324 Oil Filter
51334-EA 51334 Each WIX 51334 Oil Filter
51344-EA 51344 Each WIX 51344 Oil Filter
51348-EA 51348 Each WIX 51348 Oil Filter
51356-EA 51356 Each WIX 51356 Oil Filter
51357-EA 51357 Each WIX 51357 Oil Filter
51358-EA 51358 Each WIX 51358 Oil Filter
51359-EA 51359 Each WIX 51359 Oil Filter
51360-EA 51360 Each WIX 51360 Oil Filter
51361-EA 51361 Each WIX 51361 Oil Filter
51365-EA 51365 Each WIX 51365 Oil Filter
51372-EA 51372 Each WIX 51372 Oil Filter
51374-EA 51374 Each WIX 51374 Oil Filter
51378-EA 51378 Each WIX 51378 Oil Filter
51381-EA 51381 Each WIX 51381 Oil Filter
51391-EA 51391 Each WIX 51391 Oil Filter
51392-EA 51392 Each WIX 51392 Oil Filter
51394-EA 51394 Each WIX 51394 Oil Filter
51410-EA 51410 Each WIX 51410 Hydraulic Filter
51452-EA 51452 Each WIX 51452 Oil Filter
51515-EA 51515 Each WIX 51515 Oil Filter
51515R-EA 51515R Each WIX 51515R Racing Oil Filter
51516-EA 51516 Each WIX 51516 Oil Filter
51521-EA 51521 Each WIX 51521 Oil Filter
51522-EA 51522 Each WIX 51522 Oil Filter
51607-EA 51607 Each WIX 51607 Oil Filter
51626-EA 51626 Each WIX 51626 Oil Filter
51734-EA 51734 Each WIX 51734 Oil Filter
51742-EA 51742 Each WIX 51742 Oil Filter
51762-EA 51762 Each WIX 51762 Oil Filter
51794-EA 51794 Each WIX 51794 Oil Filter
51794R-EA 51794R Each WIX 51794R Racing Oil Filter
57003R-EA 57003R Each WIX 57003R Racing Oil Filter
57013-EA 57013 Each WIX 57013 Oil Filter
57029-EA 57029 Each WIX 57029 Oil Filter
57033-EA 57033 Each WIX 57033 Oil Filter
57035-EA 57035 Each WIX 57035 Oil Filter
57038-EA 57038 Each WIX 57038 Oil Filter
57041-EA 57041 Each WIX 57041 Oil Filter
57045-EA 57045 Each WIX 57045 Oil Filter
57047-EA 57047 Each WIX 57047 Oil Filter
57059-EA 57059 Each WIX 57059 Oil Filter
57060-EA 57060 Each WIX 57060 Oil Filter
57061-EA 57061 Each WIX 57061 Oil Filter
57062-EA 57062 Each WIX 57062 Oil Filter
57064-EA 57064 Each WIX 57064 Oil Filter
57078-EA 57078 Each WIX 57078 Oil Filter
57079-EA 57079 Each WIX 57079 Oil Filter
57082-EA 57082 Each WIX 57082 Oil Filter
57090-EA 57090 Each WIX 57090 Oil Filter
57092-EA 57092 Each WIX 57092 Oil Filter
57099-EA 57099 Each WIX 57099 Oil Filter
57145-EA 57145 Each WIX 57145 Oil Filter
57151-EA 57151 Each WIX 57151 Oil Filter
57173-EA 57173 Each WIX 57173 Oil Filter
57189-EA 57189 Each WIX 57189 Oil Filter
57202-EA 57202 Each WIX 57202 Oil Filter
57203-EA 57203 Each WIX 57203 Oil Filter
57262-EA 57262 Each WIX 57262 Oil Filter
57302-EA 57302 Each WIX 57302 Oil Filter
57341-EA 57341 Each WIX 57341 Oil Filter
57348-EA 57348 Each WIX 57348 Oil Filter
57349-EA 57349 Each WIX 57349 Oil Filter
57356-EA 57356 Each WIX 57356 Oil Filter
57370-EA 57370 Each WIX 57370 Oil Filter
57398-EA 57398 Each WIX 57398 Oil Filter
57462-EA 57462 Each WIX 57462 Oil Filter
57502-EA 57502 Each WIX 57502 Oil Filter
57526-EA 57526 Each WIX 57526 Oil Filter
57620-EA 57620 Each WIX 57620 Oil Filter
57671-EA 57671 Each WIX 57671 Oil Filter
57674-EA 57674 Each WIX 57674 Oil Filter
57708-EA 57708 Each WIX 57708 Oil Filter
57712-EA 57712 Each WIX 57712 Oil Filter
57899-EA 57899 Each WIX 57899 Oil Filter
57909-EA 57909 Each WIX 57909 Oil Filter
57931-EA 57931 Each WIX 57931 Oil Filter
57932-EA 57932 Each WIX 57932 Oil Filter
57934-EA 57934 Each WIX 57934 Oil Filter
57936-EA 57936 Each WIX 57936 Oil Filter
57937-EA 57937 Each WIX 57937 Oil Filter
57938-EA 57938 Each WIX 57938 Oil Filter
WL10000-EA WL10000 Each WIX WL10000 Oil Filter
WL10010-EA WL10010 Each WIX WL10010 Oil Filter
WL10024-EA WL10024 Each WIX WL10024 Oil Filter
WL10050-EA WL10050 Each WIX WL10050 Oil Filter
WL10060-EA WL10060 Each WIX WL10060 Oil Filter
WL10090-EA WL10090 Each WIX WL10090 Oil Filter
WL10111-EA WL10111 Each WIX WL10111 Oil Filter
WL10164-EA WL10164 Each WIX WL10164 Oil Filter
Technical Information
No technical information
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