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AMSOIL Ea Heavy Duty Oil Filters
AMSOIL Ea Heavy Duty Oil Filters
AMSOIL SDF88 Oil Filter
AMSOIL SDF88 Oil Filter
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Donaldson Blue Oil Filters
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Donaldson P-Series Lube Filters

Donaldson P-Series Lube Filters
Donaldson P-Series Lube Filters
Product Details
Increased engine emissions control and tighter tolerances within the engine require high efficiency filters. Donaldson P-Series filters are typically constructed with cellulose or synthetic blend media for high efficiency.  
Product Description
Donaldson Filters
Donaldson Filters
AMSOIL is now introducing the P-Series of Donaldson filters to complement the Endurance line. The expanded offering of filtration products features many applications that differ from, and several that coincide with the Endurance line. Donaldson P-Series filters offer premium filtration at a competitive price. AMSOIL now stocks all of Donaldson's most popular filter applications.
Donaldson P-Series Lube Filters
Donaldson P-Series Lube Filters

Increased engine emissions control and tighter tolerances within the engine require high efficiency filters.

Donaldson P-Series filters are typically constructed with cellulose or synthetic blend media for high efficiency. The media is embedded deeper into the sealing plastisol than conventional filters, allowing better sealing longevity. The lube filter can is constructed of heavy gauge steel, with many models having domed tops that provide superior pressure fatigue performance. The center tube allows more flow without compromising strength, and the louvered design eliminates tearing during pleat movement. The can and base plate are assembled using a fully tucked seam, roll-formed threads, a nitrile sealing gasket and a compression spring holding all the components in place within the filter.
Product Size
Code Part Number Unit of Measure Product
P502007-EA P502007 Each P502007 Oil Filter
P502008-EA P502008 Each P502008 Oil Filter
P502015-EA P502015 Each P502015 Oil Filter
P502016-EA P502016 Each P502016 Oil Filter
P502024-EA P502024 Each P502024 Oil Filter
P502039-EA P502039 Each P502039 Oil Filter
P502042-EA P502042 Each P502042 Oil Filter
P502067-EA P502067 Each P502067 Oil Filter
P502458-EA P502458 Each P502458 Oil Filter
P502476-EA P502476 Each P502476 Oil Filter
P532410-EA P532410 Each P532410 Air Filter
P550008-EA P550008 Each P550008 Oil Filter
P550010-EA P550010 Each P550010 Oil Filter
P550020-EA P550020 Each P550020 Oil Filter
P550025-EA P550025 Each P550025 Oil Filter
P550047-EA P550047 Each P550047 Oil Filter
P550050-EA P550050 Each P550050 Oil Filter
P550051-EA P550051 Each P550051 Oil Filter
P550066-EA P550066 Each P550066 Oil Filter
P550067-EA P550067 Each P550067 Oil Filter
P550092-EA P550092 Each P550092 Oil Filter
P550117-EA P550117 Each P550117 Oil Filter
P550132-EA P550132 Each P550132 Oil Filter
P550147-EA P550147 Each P550147 Oil Filter
P550157-EA P550157 Each P550157 Oil Filter
P550162-EA P550162 Each P550162 Oil Filter
P550166-EA P550166 Each P550166 Oil Filter
P550170-EA P550170 Each P550170 Oil Filter
P550183-EA P550183 Each P550183 Oil Filter
P550186-EA P550186 Each P550186 Oil Filter
P550194-EA P550194 Each P550194 Oil Filter
P550203-EA P550203 Each P550203 Oil Filter
P550227-EA P550227 Each P550227 Oil Filter
P550286-EA P550286 Each P550286 Oil Filter
P550287-EA P550287 Each P550287 Oil Filter
P550319-EA P550319 Each P550319 Oil Filter
P550335-EA P550335 Each P550335 Oil Filter
P550367-EA P550367 Each P550367 Oil Filter
P550371-EA P550371 Each P550371 Oil Filter
P550388-EA P550388 Each P550388 Hydraulic Filter
P550396-EA P550396 Each P550396 Oil Filter
P550400-EA P550400 Each P550400 Oil Filter
P550425-EA P550425 Each P550425 Oil Filter
P550428-EA P550428 Each P550428 Oil Filter
P550451-EA P550451 Each P550451 Oil Filter
P550484-EA P550484 Each P550484 Oil Filter
P550505-EA P550505 Each P550505 Oil Filter
P550507-EA P550507 Each P550507 Oil Filter
P550516-EA P550516 Each P550516 Oil Filter
P550518-EA P550518 Each P550518 Oil Filter
P550528-EA P550528 Each P550528 Oil Filter
P550580-EA P550580 Each P550580 Oil Filter
P550596-EA P550596 Each P550596 Oil Filter
P550597-EA P550597 Each P550597 Oil Filter
P550711-EA P550711 Each P550711 Oil Filter
P550715-EA P550715 Each P550715 Oil Filter
P550719-EA P550719 Each P550719 Oil Filter
P550726-EA P550726 Each P550726 Oil Filter
P550758-EA P550758 Each P550758 Oil Filter
P550761-EA P550761 Each P550761 Oil Filter
P550768-EA P550768 Each P550768 Oil Filter
P550769-EA P550769 Each P550769 Oil Filter
P550777-EA P550777 Each P550777 Oil Filter
P550779-EA P550779 Each P550779 Oil Filter
P550812-EA P550812 Each P550812 Oil Filter
P550832-EA P550832 Each P550832 Oil Filter
P550933-EA P550933 Each P550933 Oil Filter
P550935-EA P550935 Each P550935 Oil Filter
P550939-EA P550939 Each P550939 Oil Filter
P550941-EA P550941 Each P550941 Oil Filter
P550947-EA P550947 Each P550947 Oil Filter
P550952-EA P550952 Each P550952 Oil Filter
P550963-EA P550963 Each P550963 Oil Filter
P550964-EA P550964 Each P550964 Oil Filter
P550973-EA P550973 Each P550973 Oil Filter
P551005-EA P551005 Each P551005 Oil Filter
P551014-EA P551014 Each P551014 Oil Filter
P551019-EA P551019 Each P551019 Oil Filter
P551042-EA P551042 Each P551042 Oil Filter
P551257-EA P551257 Each P551257 Oil Filter
P551294-EA P551294 Each P551294 Oil Filter
P551296-EA P551296 Each P551296 Oil Filter
P551307-EA P551307 Each P551307 Oil Filter
P551348-EA P551348 Each P551348 Hydraulic Filter
P551352-EA P551352 Each P551352 Oil Filter
P551381-EA P551381 Each P551381 Oil Filter
P551475-EA P551475 Each P551475 Oil Filter
P551604-EA P551604 Each P551604 Oil Filter
P551670-EA P551670 Each P551670 Oil Filter
P551763-EA P551763 Each P551763 Oil Filter
P551783-EA P551783 Each P551783 Oil Filter
P551784-EA P551784 Each P551784 Oil Filter
P551807-EA P551807 Each P551807 Oil Filter
P551808-EA P551808 Each P551808 Oil Filter
P552025-EA P552025 Each P552025 Oil Filter
P552050-EA P552050 Each P552050 Oil Filter
P552100-EA P552100 Each P552100 Oil Filter
P552231-EA P552231 Each P552231 Oil Filter
P552375-EA P552375 Each P552375 Oil Filter
P552451-EA P552451 Each P552451 Oil Filter
P552465-EA P552465 Each P552465 Oil Filter
P552518-EA P552518 Each P552518 Oil Filter
P552562-EA P552562 Each P552562 Oil Filter
P552819-EA P552819 Each P552819 Oil Filter
P553000-EA P553000 Each P553000 Oil Filter
P553191-EA P553191 Each P553191 Oil Filter
P553335-EA P553335 Each P553335 Oil Filter
P553404-EA P553404 Each P553404 Oil Filter
P553411-EA P553411 Each P553411 Oil Filter
P553548-EA P553548 Each P553548 Oil Filter
P553634-EA P553634 Each P553634 Oil Filter
P553712-EA P553712 Each P553712 Oil Filter
P553746-EA P553746 Each P553746 Oil Filter
P553771-EA P553771 Each P553771 Oil Filter
P553871-EA P553871 Each P553871 Oil Filter
P554004-EA P554004 Each P554004 Oil Filter
P554005-EA P554005 Each P554005 Oil Filter
P554105-EA P554105 Each P554105 Oil Filter
P554403-EA P554403 Each P554403 Oil Filter
P554407-EA P554407 Each P554407 Oil Filter
P554408-EA P554408 Each P554408 Oil Filter
P554770-EA P554770 Each P554770 Oil Filter
P555088-EA P555088 Each P555088 Oil Filter
P555570-EA P555570 Each P555570 Oil Filter
P555616-EA P555616 Each P555616 Oil Filter
P555680-EA P555680 Each P555680 Oil Filter
P557207-EA P557207 Each P557207 Oil Filter
P557780-EA P557780 Each P557780 Oil Filter
P558250-EA P558250 Each P558250 Oil Filter
P558329-EA P558329 Each P558329 Oil Filter
P558462-EA P558462 Each P558462 Oil Filter
P558615-EA P558615 Each P558615 Oil Filter
P558616-EA P558616 Each P558616 Oil Filter
P559000-EA P559000 Each P559000 Oil Filter
P559126-EA P559126 Each P559126 Oil Filter
P559127-EA P559127 Each P559127 Oil Filter
P559128-EA P559128 Each P559128 Oil Filter
Technical Information
No technical information
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